April 22nd, 2013

Folk Radio

“If there is something ineffable about the pleasure of this record, it comes from the shifting focus of fine details and from the zephyrous quality of the songs. A gentle breeze of ideas, a silken shawl of a voice and the luxury of time stood still as the mind gently ripples with possibilities. Yet at the same time it’s assured and beautifully crafted. Megan and Adem have clearly worked well together and captured something quite magical in the process.” continue

” Megan is airy and Adem, appropriately enough perhaps, from the clay, earthy, yet the song finds it’s real root in the riffing guitar line and the pluck of bass notes. The harmonies are the thermal currents on which the song rises. Beautiful, ethereal.” continue


Indie Shuffle

“Who knew that a stripped down folk song would still carry so much weight? That’s how you know it’s a cut above the rest.” continue



“Capable of crafting gripping, dramatic nuggets of songwriting, the London artist’s new single ‘The Fraying’ is perhaps her most striking work yet.” continue



“Bellowing an aesthetic modesty that does nothing short of reach out and stroke your soul.” continue


Electric Banana

“Her stripped down vocal led music floats through an analogue synth sub bass, which is calming yet alluring.” continue


Songwriting Magazine

“Reminds me of an acoustic, folky DUBSTAR… in the current climate, she could do very well” – (Russell Deeks, Editor)